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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  December 7, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and security secrets spilled all over the internet. the people in charge of keeping us safe when we fly running to stop it. who gets more watch? what country's passports are singled out? who is exempt from screening? all on line for everybody to see. fox 5 news has more from reagan international. >> reporter: and we printed this off the internet and here it is. it is a 94-page document that the transportation security administration never intended to see the light of day. the federal government took control of passenger and bag screening at all major u.s. airports after the september 11th terrorist attacks eight years ago. the transportation security administration was created to do the job with agents posted at all checkpoints. now the manual, their own standard operating procedures has been accidentally posted on
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the internet. >> oh no. >> i think if it was something that would jeopardize security, and i think that is unfortunate. >> reporter: the document is dated may 28th, 2008, considered sensitivsecurity information, detailing who gets special treatment. police police and c.i.a. agents, and information at the checkpoints. the documents note that passengers from cuba, north korea, libya and other countries should have additional screening. >> you don't want discrimination against a certain country or against a certain population group, or certain group of people. but if you don't profile i think you're missing the boat, you are not being real. >> reporter: in an e-mail to fox 5 news the tsa says it became aware that an out-dated version of the document was improperly posted by the agency where inother documents were
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not protected. the organization says they took it seriously and are looking at a full review. >> i think they do a fairly good job. however hearing that this information has leaked out i have questions about it now. >> i guess there are enough people in this world that there are -- there is a possibility that it will come pro will come pro demise the information. >> reporter: they say that screening procedures are remaining strong. >> and live tonight at reagan international, messy weather coming our way. talking about ice, sue palka has more. that is right, the winter storm watch is not issued for snow but for the possibility of ice. and it begins tomorrow night and will go into wednesday, and this doesn't include prince george's county or fairfax or baltimore for that matter. i think it will be rain for you
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folks, you could see a mix early on. but of greater concern, the further west you go we're talking about trapped air, cold air with liquid rain coming down and freezing on contact. that is not a scenario we like and also not a scenario that takes much liquid to cause problems. here is the freezing rain across parts of texas and oklahoma panhandle. the snow is coming closer to illinois, which will have a big impact across much of the country. some folks will measure their snow in feet. we won'tet snow out of this one, that will stay well to the north or far to the west. but late tomorrow night, probably this time tomorrow we'll begin to see some of the rain coming in. temperatures in the upper 30s, falling quickly. d.c. dropping to 37, baltimore, 31, a cold start, many places dropping down into the upper 20s, near 30s. so bryan, a tricky forecast, tough, we'll show you more
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models coming up. and news in maryland, a terrible ordeal for a pregnant homeless woman who was held kidnapped for days, slashed so the robber could steal her baby. fox 5 news roby avez has more. >> reporter: very disturbing, we know the pregnant woman was staying at a homeless shelter on wheeler road southeast. prince george's county police say that 40-year-old derames made friends with her, bringing her to the apartment to give her baby clothes. it turned out to be a few days of horror. police say the 29-year-old pregnant homeless woman was tied in a chair with tape since last tuesday with only minimal food and water. then the unthinkable, late saturday they say the suspect tried to cut the baby from the woman's stomach, using blades and cutters. somehow the woman survived, badly hurt though. the baby lived y emergency surgery. police say the baby is named
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miracle. >> the victim was sliced. so -- it -- it appeared that she was actually trying to remove the baby from the victim. it is a very bizarre case. and it is something that i have never seen before. and obviously very disturbing. >> it is a miracle and that is a perfect name because you know the baby could not have been here, or her. so it is a miracle you know that they both got found and okay and everything taken care of. so it is a blessing. >> derames is charged with multiple counts, among them assault and attempted murder. police say she was arrest understand ed at arlington at a relative's home where she said she was pregnant. and forcing a d.c. officer to fire a weapon. police say a pit bull attacked a woman sending her to the hospital. a witness managed to pull the dog off and get it into a cage. but when the police showed up the pit bull broke free, charging an officer who shot
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it. the dog was since put down. and a fire happening in annapolis, dozens of people still waiting to tell the council why they don't want part of a new casino. others say it will bring jobs, built near the anne arundel mall. and others insist the casino will bring in too much traffic and crime. some say build it near the laurel racing track instead. and the owner of the chimp who mauled a woman this year wouldn't face charges. shawn yancy has more. >> yes, sandra harrel didn't know the chimp was capable of such actions. back in february the friend's hand and face was ripped off. the chimp died after being shot. the victim's family is now suing for 50 million. and families of people killed started to bury dead today. at least 100 people were killed, dozens more hurt. investigators say that an
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inside fireworks display started the fire, and they only had one exit. and rescue crews pull add pulled a driver from her car in wisconsin, the driver lost control, the car hit a tree and fell into the river, a neighbor heard iand tried to help. the 23-year-old driver is expected to be okay. and a boil water alert for residents in the district northwest. they want residents to either boil the water before using it, or use bottled water. it could take two days to get it fixed. and a most common way to save while you shop, instant credit. you need to fork over the w-2. and this guy says he drove a mo for the party crashers, wait until you hear why he almost quit. and news edge at 11:00 will be
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. the hits just keep coming for the salahis, last week they were told the pay up a debt with a watch. now more financial troubles wait for them. >> reporter: the real life of the salahis is proving to have more twists and turning than any reality show could possibly dream up. friday in a warren county courtroom, fox 5 news was the only local station to show the couple turning over a watch that could be worth as much as $300 to settle a 925 lawn bill. today, a former limo driver is the latest to speak up and asked for his money as well.
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he says he is owed 465, plus 40 for gas he was not too surprised when he saw them crash the white house dinner. >> the news came on our something, you know white house state party crashers. and i look up and look -- said look who it is, the scammers. >> reporter: he said he answered an ad to drive their car for the wine country tours and to personally drive them to and from shoots for the reality show, real house wives of d.c., he says that things didn'tup fr >> can you imagine going down the hill in a stretch limo with no front brakes? >> reporter: there are no brakes on the car? >> oh my god, first time i drove it it was like making lots of noises on the gravel, looking up the front wheels. the limo is pushing up and down and stuff, if got down to the bottom of the hill, and i really thought i'm turning around and going back up there and telling them to shove it.
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>> reporter: he says that salahis said e-mail an account of where he worked, but given for explanation on how he would be paid. at times he paid for gas out of his pocket, he sent a final e- mail. >> i said i gave you this time, you obviously are not going to pay me. >> reporter: by november, he says it was clear he wouldn't receive a paycheck so he quit. still he was asked again to work for them. >> she asked me to pick up somebody else at 9:30, i said no, i need 24 hours. they said come on brian, you will ruin somebody's weekend. >> reporter: claudia coffee. and are you married? jealous of your single friends? you may have good reason, there is an advantage that could help them rest the rest of their
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. his name is mr. squiggles, a top hamster, but one consumer group complains he is not safe. now the group called good guy changed their tune, saying its was wrong to say he was not safe. zhu zhu pets were tested, and high levels of certain ingredients could cause cancer. they are looking at certain levels that can come off in a child's mouth. the consumer safety organization says that the pets are safe. >> ever since february of this year, toy companies have been required by law to be sure that their toys conform with the very strong safety standards, including heavy metals like this one, before they sell their products here in the united states. >> and timone is used to fight fire, the makers of zhu zhu pets say their own test
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created equal. some have just as many calories as a candy bar, adding in fruit, even more sugar. if you want more healthy ones, try the ones with low fat and less sugar. and new tonight, a vaccine, the branch of the naacp is teaming up with cbs and family life center foundation to offer free vaccines to residents 18 and older. the clinic is this week at the baptist church on ninth street northwest. we posted the information on and a bus load of kids trapped when the bus was wired to power lines. the bus they were in slid into a power pole, you can see the lines there, they were on board until the power company cut the juice. nobody was hurt but they were stuck for about an hour on that bus. that would not have been fun. lot of snow in that video, our snow kind of melted away.
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but -- got another round coming. yeah, and this is not the round that people like to hear about. ice is no fun for anybody and that is what we're concerned about a little bit. what is new tonight is the timing it's later, it seems. and that could be bad news for people, colder temperatures, a brief period of a mix. the winter storm watch that will be in effect for tomorrow is mainly northwest of town, let's look at that. the watch means a possibility of significant snow, sleet or freezing rain. and that is why this is posted. we'll watch tomorrow to see if it is changed or then narrowed, including montgomery county and loudoun county. featuring heavy rain, possibly a difficult part of the commute because rain is a big problem as we know with the volume of traffic in our area. chilly today, below normal,
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that is 49, 44 today, dulles, 49, but the nights are really cold. 37 degrees in the district, 34 for gaithersburg, 39 for martinsburg, culpepper down to 29, clear skies, light winds, during the day tomorrow we'll see clouds increasing, especially in the afternoon. and evening to nighttime precipitation possible. 40 degrees, chilly for us, the latest information says it will hold off. 8:00 for the morning commute, 30 degrees, sunshine through the clouds, by noon, cloudy, chilly at 40, and at 5:00, i'll say spotty precipitation, often times ahead, we'll see drizzle, watching temperatures. most places in the metro area, the d.c. area should be above freezing at that hour. looking at 5:00 to see what the
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front royal's temperature will be, i think it is 36-37 for that hopefully we'll be okay for that any precipitation we see is well north of the area. we'll have clear to partly cloudy skies, this will pack a huge hit especially from the plains all the way up to the midwest. we have a big blizzard that will go on over the next 36 hours, major problems for travel. and i'm afraid they will measure in these areas here, the snow in feet. also there will be a lot of snow for the rockies. this is the whole system that will shift in our direction. but at this point the accumulating ice, a quarter inch or more, out in the west, patches of freezing rain elsewhere. that is why we have to keep a close eye on it. and mainly it would be tomorrow night with it all going over the rain by wednesday morning. so watch for that late mix to -- perhaps the freezing rain. going over the rain, morning rain should be fairly heavy as well. as we go on thursday, drying
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out. mostly sunny skies, drying out on wednesday afternoon. going friday, saturday, temperatures in the upper 30s. how chilly is that. so far the end of the week is looking storm-free for now. we'll watch that, and don't go anywhere, dave feldman has an eye on sports, we'll be right back it's an investment for the future. i chose the national wildlife federation. our pets are our kids. we chose the aspca. we're sharing the love again this year. because giving back feels good. get a great deal on the subaru outback, motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year and two hundred fifty dollars gets donated to your choice of five charities.
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nation's capitol. tonight, familiar, tampa on the steal, skates in passing to ovechkin, fires past mike smith, caps lead it, one-0, and puts a bouncing puck on goal, waxes it in. caps up 2-0, later in the second, alexander semone, getting a piece of the rebound, caps make it 12 straight wins over tampa, 3-0, the final, washington has won six in a row. and mike sellers spending the night in a hospital to have a pool of blood drained from a bad brews. runningback clinton portis
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looking another a doctor for a concussion specialist. that happened after the loss to the new orleans saints, redskins lead 30-23, previous three field goals in the game, setting up for a 23-yard chip, pushing it wide right. saints tie the game and later win it in overtime. the z-man was asked if he will bring in kickers to look for the job. >> that is a possibility, you can find kickers in there just based on some of the performance. but that doesn't mean that we have you made oh -- that he is cleaning out his locker today. >> reporter: monday night football, on the ravens, on the road against the packer. ravens trail 17-7. joe flacco going deep for williams, calls in complete.
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led to a one-yard 4th quarter touchdown, packers lead right now 17-14. and allen iverson making his return to philadelphia after a three-year trip gone. he hosted the nuggets, allen iverson drives to the elbow, hits the jumper, answer was 11 points but shot only four of 11 from the field, final seconds, the length of the court. wow it is good but notreally good. came after the buzzer. nuggets ruin allen iverson's return, 93-86, sixers lost 10 in a row. and new football coach, london a virginia graduate coaching richmond to a national title, serving as a virginia assistant for five years. tonight, the basketball team on the road, virginia trails by two, launches a three, no good. fouled, so he makes all three free throws, the third giving
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virginia a lead. then auburn, reed going the other way, shot is no good. but brandon knox is there for the put back with 1.4 seconds left. it is the game winner, virginia edges -- auburn edges virginia 68-67. we'll be right back with brian to wrap up the edge right after this as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private investment, and the internet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead - investing some thirty-eight billion dollars in our wired and wireless networks over the past two years. last year alone we invested more than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the
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